About Us

About Us

The two things that matter most to us: Your pet's health and your happiness.

Our clients tell us that they come to Care Animal Hospital because they want more than just a friendly experience when it’s time for their pet’s exam and vaccinations.

They know that if their pet ever has a problem – minor or major – they don’t have to wonder what to do. They know they can just call or come right in. They know that we have the ability to handle the most challenging medical and surgical conditions and that in their moment of need we won’t be sending them off somewhere that is completely unfamiliar. Knowing that your veterinarian is capable of handling just about anything that could happen to your pet - that's a pretty big comfort.

Veterinary care was far less advanced when we opened in 1971, but as time and technology have marched forward, so have Care Animal Hospital’s doctors and staff. We are passionate about providing high-level care, which is why we are constantly learning about and applying the latest medicines, procedural advances, and technologies.

We Want To Know Your Story

We want your feedback about the care and service we provide. We love to hear success stories about our patients, but learning where we could be doing better is just as important to us. Please tell us! We are available by phone or through the feedback form on this site, and we are always happy to meet with you in person.

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