Care Animal Hospital of Arlington Heights
Care Animal Hospital of Arlington Heights About Us

Facility and Resources

Care's new 10,000 sq. ft. facility includes eight exam rooms, a large treatment room, two surgical suites, a special procedures room, and a dental suite. The practice is fully equipped, with direct digital radiography, digital ultrasound, video endoscopy, laser, complete in-house laboratory, ECG, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, IV fluid pumps, and more.

Reception DeskReception
The reception area is designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable place. The spacious waiting room is divided into dog and cat areas. A "kid zone" with toys and games provides youngsters with amusement so you can take care of your pet at check-in time. Please feel free to browse through the educational materials and displays provided while visiting with us.

Examination RoomExam Rooms
Each of the eight exam rooms is designed to allow a quiet area for you to speak with your veterinarian. We have exam rooms specifically designed for cats, dogs, and exotic animals

We stock just about every medication a pet could need .  We are dedicated to providing the latest and most effective drugs and supplements for treating everything from fleas to infections. Refills can be called in and picked up the same day.

Treatment Room
This is the heart of our veterinary hospital. Most medical care that your pet requires will be performed in the treatment room. Within the treatment area is our laboratory, intensive care ward, radiology room, dental suite, advanced diagnostics suite, and surgery suites. We have designed this area to provide fast, efficient, and thorough veterinary care.

Care Animal Hospital maintains a full in-house diagnostic laboratory for performing routine and critical care diagnostics.

Intensive Care Unit
We maintain a special intensive care unit (ICU) for hospitalized pets.  We use much of the same equipment that would be used for human treatment. The ICU is in full view of the doctors and technicians so that your pet can be closely monitored while here.  You are welcome to visit your hospitalized pet.

Dental Suite
We know how important dental care is for your pets. That's why we developed our dental suite to include advanced instrumentation for routine cleanings as well as special procedures, such as dental x-rays, tooth extractions, root canals, and gum surgery.

SurgerySurgery Suites
We maintain the latest surgical instrumentation for advanced procedures, such as bone surgery, cancer therapy, ligament injuries, and cryosurgery, as well as for routine surgeries, such as spays and neuters. We provide the safest anesthesia and state of the art monitoring equipment for our surgical patients.  Our separate surgical recovery ward allows us to closely monitor patients while they recover in a quiet and calm setting.

Advanced Diagnostics Suite
Here we perform advanced diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy, ultrasound, and electrocardiograms.

Feline Boarding FacilityFeline Boarding Ward
We wanted cats to be housed in a facility especially designed to provide for their comfort. That's why our cat boarding ward features spacious and comfortable kitty condos, sound insulated walls, and superior ventilation.

Canine Boarding FacilityCanine Boarding Wards
We maintain boarding facilities for small, large, and giant breed dogs. The dog wards are climate controlled and our ventilation system provides continuous air exchange to control temperature and odor.