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Rehabilitation and Fitness

CARE has doctors and technicians that are specialy trained in canine rehabilitation who can help get your dog back on its feet again. The benefits of our rehabilitation and physical conditioning services include:

  •  Speeds your pet's recovery time from an injury or surgery
  •  Increases mobility and flexibility
  •  Improves endurance and agility
  •  Minimizes pain and the use of medication

Our canine rehabilitation technicians employ a wide range of therapeutic techniques to help get your dog back on its feet again, including:

  •  Underwater treadmill
  •  Electrotherapy whirlpool
  •  Therapeutic ultrasound
  •  Electrical stimulation
  •  Heat therapy
  •  Cryotherapy
  •  Laser therapy
  •  Massage
  •  Therapeutic exercise
  •  Neuromuscular re-education
Care Animal Hospital Now Offers Fitness Programs for your Dog

Canine Water Fitness
Each dog is different, and a specialized exercise program will be developed for him or her accordingly. Water Treadmill sessions last approximately one half hour. Discount packages are available.

The water treadmill may help:

Obesity - Tread and Trim Program
Utilizing the water treadmill is a safe aerobic exercise that burns calories and maintains your dog's proper weight. Exercise is an important part of every weight reduction program. The water treadmill is particularly useful for the obese dog with chronic arthritis in which normal exercise is difficult. Losing excess pounds and beginning an exercise program may add years to your pet's life.

Muscle Atrophy
After surgery or an injury, the lack of activity can allow muscles to waste away. This phenomenon called atrophy is common in humans and dogs. The water treadmill can rebuild muscle mass in as little as 3-4 swim sessions. Ligaments, tendons and muscles stretch out of their contracted state while they are moving in a non-weight environment.

Show Dogs
Exercising in the water treadmill helps balance of movement, tone-up muscles and remove excess weight. In addition, it is fun and provides relaxation and emotional
well being.

Performance Dogs
Whether it's agility, obedience, flyball, freestyle, or weight pulling, the water treadmill will keep your dog in top physical condition for competition.

Working Dogs
Rescue, police, drug enforcement, assisted companions, Seeing Eye and hearing dogs. Taking these dogs for a stroll in the water treadmill takes the edge off their daily workday. Improves their spirit and mental well-being.