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Exams and Vaccinations
The health and happiness of your companion is of the utmost importance to the doctors of Care Animal Hospital. They are dedicated to providing the information and care necessary to ensure you and your pet enjoy a long life together.

Healthy Pet Exams
Care’s doctors recommend annual physical examinations for every animal of any age. It is never too soon to schedule a physical exam for your pet! Because pets age much faster than we do, we encourage semi-annual health exams for senior patients.

Care has developed health care programs for puppies, kittens, and senior pets. Please call to learn more about how these programs make it easier for you to get the health care your pet needs.

Problem Diagnosis and Treatment

Vaccinations provide essential protection against serious infectious diseases. Care Animal Hospital uses the safest, most effective immunizations to protect your pet. Our veterinarians can make vaccination recommendations tailored to your pet’s needs and risk.

Once you and your veterinarian have established a vaccination plan, Care’s reminder system will automatically notify you when your pet’s vaccinations are due. We’ll remember so you don’t have to!